Balance Fitness Studio is the premier fitness studio in northwest Oklahoma City.  We are privately owned and operated and seek to serve the surrounding communities with the highest quality fitness instruction and education.  As our name suggests, our philosophy is to strive toward and help others achieve a balanced life.  We believe when one is physically healthy and strong, it is easier to live life at a higher level and offer more to our families, communities and our God.


When you step into our studio, we want you to notice something different.  We are not and do not desire to compete with "mega" gyms.  We emphasize individuals, not numbers.  When you become a valued member of Balance, you become part of a close community of individuals working toward the same goal.  You will find support, encouragement and accountability.  We are here for you.  Let us know your goals, questions and/or concerns and we will make sure you find what you are looking for. 

Our Values:

- Excellence.

All that we do we do to the glory of God, so we do it well. 

Everyone who comes through our doors has value and is significant.  Therefore, we will give everyone our best.

- personalized.

Our passion is people.  We interested in what YOU need.  We customize your personal training to match you with the right trainers and best plan to help you reach your goals. You are not a number here. You are a priority. 

- cleanliness.

Our studio is cleaned multiple times a week to ensure your comfort and


- service.

Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to meet that need.

We understand that we have been blessed with a tremendous

opportunity to serve people. We take great pleasure and pride

in doing just that.